Sydney – Anthracite Shaded

899,00 kr


Clinker brick with a unique texture. Hollows and “scratches” compared to an intriguing face of anthracite color make each brick unique. Silver shading give it additional elegance.

This is an offer for all followers of saturated, decisive colors and non-standard shapes. Due to its aesthetic qualities, Sydney fits perfectly with modern architecture, along with materials such as metal and glass, on facades adorning minimalistic geometric shapes, or in interiors with monochromatic colors. Its advantages are also excellent technical parameters, including, above all, high resistance to adverse weather conditions.

  1. Unique texture and silvery shading
  2. Expressive, interesting colors and shape
  3. Ideally composes with modern architecture
  4. High technical parameters of bricks


Technical data

Dimensions of a brick NF
240 x 115 x 71 mm
The total area of perforation
>15% ≤ 50%
External wall
21 mm
Bulk density of brick NF i LDF
1500 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick VNF i VLDF
2300 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick NF SP
1650 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick 7-S
1900 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick XLDF
1600 kg/m3
Strength of brick NF, NF SP, LDF, XLDF
≥35 N/mm2
Strength of brick 7-S, VNF, VLDF
≥45 N/mm2
to 6%
Frost resistance
category F2
Acid resistance
Alkali resistance
Coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick NF, LDF, XLDF
P = 50% – 0,37 W/mK
P = 90% – 0,43 W/mK
Coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick NF SP i 7-S
P = 50% – 0,45 W/mK
P = 90% – 0,51 W/mK
Coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick VNF, VLDF
P = 50% – 0,72 W/mK
P = 90% – 0,79 W/mK


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